The Prayer for Choosing the Right Path of Life

Send me, o Lord, the Angel of good thoughts, so that He will enlighten the way of choosing my own path of life. With your strength, touch the maze of my soul confused with all "the shouts of the world." Give me the power to recognize the rhythm of my own body in which meets the heaven and the earth. Bless my desires and help me to look at them in the light of the Gospel. You know me well, help me to recognize your will and plan you have for me. May your Holy Will be fulfilled in me. Amen

God, you penetrate and know me.
You created me for happiness- help me to find it.
Show me the path of my life.
Help me to choose what you had planned for me.


Mother, the Capital of Wisdom, you know the paths of our young hearts. Please, direct the way of my life. If God wants me to have a family, teach me the authentic love toward the other person. Help me to free myself from egoism and selfishness.
If your Son wills to make me His apostle, enable me to willingly accept His call. Then, I will go to preach God' love to all with great joy. Mary, into your motherly hands I entrust my future. Amen.

God, you want to save all people and bring them to recognizing the truth, send workers to your harvest; help me to preach your Word with great zeal, so that your Truth will be praised and all nations will know You, the only and True God. Amen.

The Prayer for Vocations by Paul VI

Jesus, the Divine Shepherd, who called the Apostles and made them the fishers of men, draw to yourself zealous and noble minds of the young people. Make them your followers and your servants. Help them to share your desire of salvation for which you constantly offer your life on the altars.
You, o Lord, intercede for us; open before them the horizons to see the whole world in which so many brothers ask to receive the light of truth and warmth of love. May they, responding to your call, prolong your mission on the earth, build your mystical Body-the Church, and be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.
Send, o Lord, your loving call to many women's hearts, pure and zealous. Pour into them the desire of evangelical perfection, devotion to the service for the church and people who need help and love.