Vocation Stories

  • My Precious Pearl +

    I can connect the words of a certain song with an important event of my life. When you fully recognize your vocation, the words of the following song seem to be appropriate: " You were walking on the earth as human , o Lordlike every human, you had the heart and two hands.You shared your great heart with people,You divided it as a bread.People take this bread from Your Hands,Because You still give like you used to.Take me, o Lord, in your handsLIKE A GIFT, BECAUSE I'M ALL YOURS! I give you my heart, o Lord,I give you my strong hands.Give my hands strength,So they can bring the world up to You !" Read More
  • Sr. Immaculee +

    I guess we all have different life stories, and so when it comes to vocations it can be even worse. I come from an out station where parish terminology is concerned. When I was growing up we had Holy Mass once a month that is every 4th Sunday, if I am not mistaken. This means the rest of the Sundays we had services conducted by Catechists. Those who wanted to attend Holy Mass weekly had to walk miles and miles. When I was smart enough to know what was going on around me, I remember coming home and telling my mother that I was going to be a priest. Read More
  • Sr. Katarzyna’s vocation story +

    I cherish my Catholic Faith with my entire heart. At home with my family, we were reading Bible every night and every night we were praying Holy Rosary. In my heart, I had an extreme desire to know God better. I was so eager to go to church every Sunday and with my family attend Holy Mass. That experience brought me closer to God. I could feel how God gently was touching my heart causing me fall in love with Him. And at age of seventeen, for the first time in my life, I felt that God was inviting me to follow Him in a radical way. Day by day, the inner calling to give my life to God was getting stronger. At that point, I already knew that God was calling me to follow Him in religious vocation. At first, I felt a little nervous because I knew that Read More
  • The Most Difficult Choice +

    It was two weeks before the examination for the high-school diploma. I was looking at scattered books. With all my heart, I prayed to God for understanding of His plans toward my life. What should I choose: college, trip abroad, or, what I feared most, religious life? I was submerged in my deep thoughts, when my Mom came to my room giving me the religious magazine, "The Knight of Immaculate". She said, "Read, here you will find what you were looking for." On suggested by my mom page, I saw a lot of addresses to religious congregations for women. Among them were also the ones with the goal of mission work. After graduating from elementary school, I confided in my Mom telling her about my desire to serve God and people as a missionary. At that time, we agreed that I will finish high school, and then make my decision. Read More
  • The Week at the end of August +

    When I think "My vocation", I focus subconsciously on one moment of my life. I know that this calling to a life as a member of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family was always in God's mind. I also know that all events of my life led to the recognition of my own way. However, this one moment had played an important role. It was the time when I experienced, in a very intense way, God's invitation to live in chastity, poverty, and obedience. This one week of August is still very vivid. What happened at that time brings fruit and directs my daily decisions. I feel that I could never be grateful enough for the light which made everything so clear, for the grace of certainty which couldn't suggest the decision of rejecting the happiness, for the experience of putting the puzzle of events in the past into Read More
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